For Ages 7-12

Classes are every Monday at 5:30 pm until 7:00 pm starting on January 15, 2018 and runs thru March 5, 2018. Each class is designed for the student to explore art through different mediums and create a project to take home. At the end of the 8 weeks students will showcase their art for family and friends. Sign up for all 8 classes, 4 classes or 1 class.

What We Offer to the Young at Art

We believe that early and consistent exposure to art is crucial to the growth of young minds. Creating art helps children develop other skills that will benefit them greatly later in life. We also believe art is one of the most important means of self-expression and confidence building, combining imagination, spontaneity, playfulness and experimentation through a wide variety of mediums.

Paper Sculptures / Monday Jan. 15, 2018

In this class we will use a traditionally 2-dimensional medium and transform it into something sculptural! Join us as we rip, fold, paste, weave and restructure paper into interesting sculptural creations, both abstract and representational. Lesson adapted to each age group.

Printmaking: Andy Warhol Inspired Pop Art Prints / Monday Jan. 22, 2018

In this experimental class, students will learn different printmaking techniques including monoprinting, collographs, and relief printing. Prints will then be altered and combined to make beautiful collages. Lesson adapted to each age group.

Thinking through Clay / Monday Jan. 29, 2018

This class uses basic techniques and teaches thinking with your hands through clay. This class will explore hand building techniques like slab-building, coils, pinching, and carving from solid. Lesson adapted to each age group.

Explorations in Pastel / Monday Feb. 5, 2018

In this class, students will use chalk and oil pastels to create vibrant works of art inspired by subject matter from the natural world, including flowers, animals and landscapes. Students will increase their knowledge of the Elements of Art: color, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value. At the same time, they will learn chalk pastel techniques, such as blending, tone, layering, and feathering. Lesson adapted to each age group.

Mexican Folk Art / Monday Feb. 12, 2018

Get ready to journey South of the border and experience the sights, sounds and colors of Mexico as we create our own Mexican folk art. Lesson adapted to each age group.

Recycled Jubilee / Monday Feb. 19, 2018

Join us as we turn trash into treasures and use recycled materials to create art! Creations will range from animal sculptures to musical instruments, and anything in between. Lesson adapted to each age group.

Animal Mixups / Monday Feb. 26, 2018

Students will create bizarre new species of animals by combining two very different ones. What do you get when you cross a monkey and a fish or a lizard and a cow? Come to this class to find out!  Lesson adapted to each age group.

Choose Your Own Project / Monday March. 5, 2018

Students will be able to focus on their favorite medium and create whatever they wish for their final art piece.

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